Giving God the Silent Treatment…

We’ve all been there right? There comes a point in every relationship where you’re either the giver or receiver of the big, bad…”silent treatment”.  Oh,  I’ve put a lot of energy into giving the silent treatment at times.  No talking, no eye contact, not even acknowledging them in the same room, because they’ve made you so mad or hurt your feelings so bad, you’re afraid to open your mouth and what might come out. Or simply because you are trying to punish. And this can last for minutes, hours, or even days or so long that you forget why you’re even mad. Once,  I was the recipient of it for 2 weeks. That.was.tough.

I hate silent treatments. I hate that I’ve given them, when all I preach in a relationship is ‘communication’. And I’m pretty sure there are thousands of books on this topic and thousands of couples sitting in therapy sessions everyday learning how to do just that, so their relationship which is hanging on by a thread can slowly be sewed back together. Because, isn’t it known that without communication in a relationship it will eventually break down?

But we do it anyway. And aren’t we taught early when we become a Christian to pray? To have a more intimate relationship with God, we should communicate with Him in prayer? Paul said pray without ceasing. We should praise Him with prayer, petition Him with prayer, give thanks with prayer, cry out with prayer.

But instead, I’ve given Him the silent treatment.

 Here’s where I tell you it wasn’t out of anger, it was because I didn’t want to hear what He might say back.

I didn’t want to pray about a situation that I really deep down knew I was wrong about, because I knew He would reveal that to me, and once God reveals something to you, do you really want to argue with Him? And isn’t that why we tend to use the silent treatment on people? We don’t want to hear what they have to say back.

That near grown man-child of mine who just turned 18, we don’t communicate much because he doesn’t like it when I tell him what I know he needs to hear, only out of his best interest. And doesn’t God only have our best interest in mind? But sometimes we don’t want to hear it. Because we want what we want and we don’t want anyone standing in the way, and we don’t want someone telling us what we need to hear, we want someone telling us what we want to hear, even God. Let’s be honest. Even God.

So, we quit talking. And communications break down. And relationships suffer. Fellowship suffers.

And I’m here to tell you I know without a shadow of a doubt that one of the main reasons I have failed to grow as a Christian in the past is my lack of communication with God. My refusal to submit myself, to be obedient in many ways, especially in prayer.

But like most teens, once they become mature adults, realize momma was right, realize life is hard, realize she only had their best interest, realize they should have trusted instruction…I am finally growing up too, and His ways are better than my ways, and He’s always right, and even if He says “No” it’s Ok, because His “No’s” are always going to be better than my “yes”. And I want that communication, I want that intimacy. I want my son to pick up the phone and call me just to talk, so I know I’m on his mind, and doesn’t the Father want His children to talk to Him for the same reasons?

Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. Hebrew 4:16(NIV)

And don’t I need mercy? And in my time of need,  grace is all I need.

Approach God with confidence, that confidence being Jesus, because He is our mediator. He is our ONLY way to approach the throne because through Him is the only way to the Father. That’s what He came for, that’s what He died for, to wash away the stains of the soul with the blood He shed on the cross.  And  I hear the words as I type “What could wash away my sin?..nothing but the blood of Jesus.” And He is our gift from God, the Son of God, the gift of Grace, so that our relationship could be restored, and He desires us to desire Him, He desires our communication.

And how do we expect to grow as Christians if we never communicate with Him?

For most this is a given I’m sure. But I started this blog to be open and honest about my life and the struggles that I’ve dealt with as a Christian. Prayer is one of them. What about you? Has prayer always been easy for you? Do you find it difficult at times? What makes it easy for you or what makes it difficult? Let’s talk about it.


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